ASBP and ACAN collaborate on COP26 fringe event

At this year's UN climate change conference (COP26), the Architects Climate Action Network and ASBP hosted a hybrid (in-person/online) fringe event titled "Deconstructing Carbon".

Embodied carbon has made it onto the British Government’s to do list. Responding to mounting pressure, from all corners of the industry, to tackle the scandalously high level of carbon dioxide emissions that are spewed out by our construction activities, the recent Net Zero Strategy included a promise, although typically non-committal, to finally look into the problem.

During this fringe event at COP26, ASBP and ACAN talked about the carbon emissions caused by making buildings and deconstructed the term ‘Embodied Carbon’ by answering questions like: What is Embodied Carbon? Why is it so important? How can we reduce it on a project level? What kinds of policies should we adopt to tackle it at a national level? These questions were tackled by a number of leading experts in the field including Kat Scott, drMM; Jannik Giesekam, University of Strathclyde; Ann-Marie Fallon, Architype and Andrew Waugh, Waugh Thistleton Architects.

The recording of this event is now available online.

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